Q: How many net carbs are in one packet?

A: Our bread and loaf mix range is not only vegan but grainfree and gluten free.  Almost anyone with any type of allergy can eat our range and  what you add is up to you! We spent over a year taste testing each recipe over and over again until we came up with a moist and tasty bread mix that was not only healthy but delicious, almost cake like to eat!

Q: How many slices can I expect to get out of one mug of bread?

A: We say approx. 12 – 14 slices, all depending how thick or thin you slice them. If you cook the loaf in a medium loaf tin you will get a higher rising loaf than in a larger pan.  If making muffins you will get approx. 12 out of a packet

Q: How long is the shelf life on a loaf that is baked?

A: Because all the ingredients are natural and preservative free, the shelf life is only about 3 days, or longer if kept in the fridge. It’s great frozen, so if you want to bake it, slice it then freeze it, you can pull out a piece as you need to and that way it will last a lot longer. However, because it is so delicious you may find yourself eating a piece every day, if this is the case it will last as long as you can resist it!

Q: Are our products sugar free?

A: We only have 1 product that is sweetened (the raisin cinnamon) which contains unrefined sugar and we only use organic coconut sugar we don’t use any refined sugars in our products only natural ingredients

Q: Do you ship overseas?

A: We currently ship only locally in Australia. Please contact us for shipping outside of Australia.