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About Jeremy & ShelleyJ & S

Samoa Alofa Trust lead by Jeremy and Shelley Faumuina in Samoa is specifically about bringing awareness to the forgotten children. Under “Samoa Alofa”, an initiative based out of NZ, Jeremy and Shelley work alongside The House of Hope Shelter in Samoa. They have a vision that victims of violence and sexual abuse are well supported, safe and in control of restoring their lives.

Jeremy and Shelley regularly travel to Samoa where they continue their ongoing work in building relationships with the most vulnerable members of the Samoan community. All of who are survivors of sexual and domestic violence and housed within the shelter Many of the babies in the shelter are born from incest or rape to the young girls.

Children will continue to be added to the shelter all the time as this crisis continues in Samoa.

Jeremy and Shelley remain faithful to being the voice to the voiceless.